What the law requires concerning skin bin hire

images (1)The relevant authority on waste management is always clear about the waste disposal as well as its management. It puts it clearly that people hiring skip bins must do so by following the correct procedure and stick to the policies regulating the same. Let us try to take the legal perspective to the skip bin hire as we try to answer the following questions at http://ezyskips.com.au/hire/commercial/.

Do you require a permit?

When hiring skip bins, you must get a permit for the same from the relevant authority within your state. You are also required to place the bin on your property depending on your usage. If you cannot, then you have to get a permit allowing you to locate your bin:

  • Either wholly or partly on any grass verge or footpath.
  • Within fifteen meters of pedestrians crossings, corner or intersection
  • In a restricted parking lot such as a loading zone or residential parking lot
  • On a busy arterial (main) road
  • In the suburban centre or central business district for instant a footpath, public areas and roads

Application for a permit

If you require a permit for skip bin hire, you have to place your application, in advance, for at least two businesses or working days. Once your application is received, it will be processed and returned to you and a permit number should be attached to it. If, for some considerable reasons, it can’t be issued to the applicant, he or she will be contacted so as to consider and discuss other alternatives.